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“I got hot sauce in my bag, SWAG” – Beyoncé, Vegas & Best Frands Pt. 1


When my best friend asked me to be her matron of honor last August, I was absolutely over the moon. I mean jumping up and down, crying, screaming, freaking out, “oh my gosh,” over the moon! And naturally, my mind started racing with ideas for all of the amazing parties I wanted to throw her and her future hubby! First on the party planning docket: the engagement party (I’ll post that next week!). Second, and arguably the best, party on the docket: the crazy, wild bachelorette weekend!

Let me preface this whole she-bang – the bride is a proud member of the Bey Hive (as am I). For AJK’s birthday last year, we went to see the Lemonade tour when it passed through Houston. I’m pretty sure we both died and went to heaven right there in NRG Stadium. So when it came time to choose a theme for AJK’s last weekend as a “Single Lady,” I took my queues from Queen Bey. We were all “Drunk in Love” in Vegas celebrating our favorite “Feyoncé.” And of course, we channeled our inner Sasha Fierce all.weekend.long.

“she said yaaas” Gold Glitter Sign

“Bride’s Entourage” Sleep Mask || “Wifey” Sleep Mask || “I Regret Nothing” Hangover Kit Bags || “To Have & To Hold Your Hair Back” Custom Hair Ties || Hangover Kit Goodies Included: 5-Hour Energy, Life Support Hangover Remedy, Emergen-C, Blister Band-Aids, “Kissing the Single Life Goodbye” Chapstick, Tide-to-Go Pen, TUMS, Advil Liquid Gels, Hydrating Facial Mask, Makeup Remover Wipes, Dry Shampoo Spray, Gum, Evian Face Spray & Mini Lotion Tube

Gold Glitter Dot Garland || Fuchsia, Pink Gold & White Tissue Paper Garland

“Feyonce” Balloon Letters/Diamond Ring Balloon

Gold Glitter Dot Garland || Pink, White & Fuchsia Tissue PomPoms || Bachelorette Party Mug Shot Signs || Height Back Drop Poster 

Customized Bachelorette Sash || Glitter “Mrs. [Last Name] Hanger || Bachelorette Tiara

“SHE SAID yaaaas” Plastic Cups || “Drunk in Love” Custom Napkins || “Drunk in Love” Party Hats || Wine/Champagne Bottle Labels || Gold Rimmed Champagne Flutes || Gold/Black Paper Party Straws

“Drunk in Love”/”Just Drunk” Custom Koozies (the reverse side said “Amanda’s Bachelorette Bash 2017”) || “I Slay”/”We Slay” Custom Koozies (the reverse side said “Amanda’s Bachelorette Bash 2017”) || Bride/Bride Tribe Temporary Tattoos || Gold Metallic “Bride Tribe” Sunglasses || Light Up Diamond Rings & Pink Beads || Red Solo Cup Shot Glasses (CVS $1 aisle) || Anatomically Correct Lollipops, Straws and Whistles (Spencer’s Gifts)

“Bachelorette Party” Pins || “Hot Seat” Card Game

“Drunk in Love”/”Just Drunk” Party Hats

Bride Tribe Temporary Tattoos

“Drunk in Love” Gold Glitter Sign || Pink, Gold & White Tissue Paper Garland

“Girls Night Out” Selfie Scavenger Game || “Drunk in Love” Custom Napkins || Bachelorette Night Dare Cards

Bachelorette Mug Shot Cards || Height Back Drop Poster

I’ll post pictures next week of all the mischief and mayhem that ensued, including outfit pictures & a funny video or two highlighting the trip! Happy Friday, everyone.

(Lyric title: “Formation” written by Khalif Brown, Jordan Frost, Asheton Hogan, Michael Len Williams II & Beyoncé Knowles)

“So how can my normal not be normal? If it is what has always been, isn’t that normal? And how can that be wrong?”


The Girl Before by Rena Olsen

Holy dark&twisted, Batman! I consider myself a psychological thriller aficionado (because really, in this day and age, who isn’t?!), but “The Girl Before” took that genre to an entirely different level — and in the best way.

Without giving too much away, I can tell you the story revolves around Clara Lawson, a 23 year-old girl who finds herself taken from her home and led to a room for questioning. As she’s dragged from her home, she hears her husband urge her to stay quiet and say nothing…The chapters alternate between “now” and “then” to paint a perfect picture of Clara’s dark, disturbing reality.

Olsen does a brilliant job bringing Clara’s emotions and inner turmoil to life. Often times, I find myself wanting more in psychological thriller protagonists — more development, more raw emotions, more believable scenarios. “The Girl Before” left me with NONE of those feelings. Clara’s development through the novel progressed (and regressed) appropriately, and to me, it was exactly as it should be for a protagonist in her shoes. I don’t know that I would have changed a thing about the novel, and that’s a rare statement coming from me.

I hate that I read this so soon after it was published…now I’ll have to wait a hot minute for her next book. Good thing every author is on the dark & twisty bandwagon and there are (quite literally) thousands of options to keep me occupied through at least 2025.

**Sidebar: while this novel is amazing in every way, it does touch on some serious themes including rape, murder, kidnapping, human trafficking, prostitution and abuse. If any of these are triggers for you, I’d recommend skipping this read.

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